Platinum Membership Opportunity!!

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Dear Studio Director,

As Directors of Canada’s newest dance competition, ELEVATION DANCE CHALLENGE we are excited to be taking competition to new heights and hope that you will join us in our upcoming season with your dancers and their families for an experience that will leave them, and you, wanting to attend year after year!!  Studios attending our upcoming season will automatically be given a PLATINUM LEVEL MEMBERSHIP!! (Minimum of 5 group entries to qualify)

Here are a few reasons why you can look forward to attending Elevation Dance Challenge:

~PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP!!! All studios that attend our upcoming season will be privileged to maintain the same entry fees on an ongoing basis every year they attend Elevation Dance Challenge! Your fees will NEVER go up!!!  As another bonus of your platinum membership, you will receive other opportunities and offers every season! (Minimum of 5 group entries to qualify)

~We offer a Novice division in our Competitive Level One classification!

~Top Studio Award given in BOTH Competitive Level One and Competitive Level Two classifications!

~Relaxing teachers lounge available to catch your breath!



Thank you for considering Elevation Dance Challenge for your upcoming Competition Season!

Ruth-Ann Gray and Rachelle Seguin

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